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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who will burn in Hell: addendum.

The signage I saw during Gasparilla was missing some key candidates. If it were my call, I'd cancel that list and instead call out these terrible people.

On the front of my sign:

"Carnival Clowns
Neighbors who play their bass too loud
Rush Limbaugh
Sea Gulls who steal food
People who wear v-neck shirts with boat shoes
Rick Scott
Hummer drivers
Growers of ironic mustaches that wear scarves in the summer
Human Ponies
Evangelical furniture salesman
People who park sideways in parking spaces
Tea baggers
but mostly human turd burglers"

On the back of my signage:

"Hell is a bit too harsh--but some sort of punishment will do"


1 comment:

  1. I came across someone at Gasparilla one year who said, "Jesus says he loves you!" I told him, "Tell him I said the same."

    As a Christian these banner people drive me crazy. Especially a guy like that who has zero representation of the God he claims to rep. The truth is we are all going to hell, including that guy, if God doesn't choose to save us from it.

    2 cents