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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tamiami Trail and US-1.

Before the infamous "Alligator Alley" there was the Tamiami Trail which connected, well, Tampa to Miami. There is one lane going north, and one lane going south cutting deep into the Everglades. Daytime speed limit: 45mph. Nightime limit: 35mph. A slow road indeed, but a road that forces you to see what truly makes up Florida--the exotic, the dangerous, and the sublime.
Once through the glades, you connect to US-1. A very different road...congested mostly, but a congestion that is skirted by 140 miles of ocean splitting thousands of small islands. Pure expanse in both directions.

Here is what I found...

Remnants of a cold war missle base. Key West.

Royal Poinciana. A dime a dozen in the keys, I know, but still perfectly majestic either way.

Key Deer. Endangered? Yes, we got lucky.

Bahia Honda state park and what's left of the Flagler railroad.

Nature's custodians or Zoroaster's minions? Vulters and an alligator meal. The Everglades.

Unidentified bug. The Everglades.

Did someone plant this or did a random seed happen to blow over from Cuba? Who knows? Very old, very tall Cuban Royal Palm deep within the glades.

M.C.-May, 2011.

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