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Monday, August 9, 2010

Freedom of debate...

I've been wondering why I feel inclined to argue a point even if I know I'm wrong?

Is it really that important to get my point across?

Does my own input really matter?

Yes, yes, yes. We need to pan out debate to justify being right (or proven wrong). To argue is to be human, and each argument a part of the grand scheme: the progression of human enlightenment.

And if we didn't have the capacity to debate through some social construct? Through politics. Through religion?
The freedom to debate: one of the many important little things we take for granted.

While reading Leila Ahmed's "A Border Passage,"I found this line regarding the glory of freedom of speech in the depths of political oppression (Egypt under Nasser in the 1960's).

"Still, the exhilarating intellectual vibrancy of almost every party and gathering was so remarkable that I began to wonder whether there weren't perhaps some unintended benefits to having one's freedom of thought and speech threatened...Perhaps it not only focused the mind but made one prize and understand all the more acutely how important, how vital, indeed, to one's life and well-being it is to question and reflect on and openly share one's ideas."

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