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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Not so Wild West Part Two

And so we headed over the boarder of Colorado into Utah. After passing through Grand Junction there's not much to see minus oil derricks, tumble weeds, and the allure of the desert scape--creepy yet beautiful. We decided to take a short cut on our drive to Moab and stopped here: Cisco. What was once a oil hub in early Utah history has turned into a semi-ghost town. One afternoon in the early to mid 20th century, the construction of Hwy 70 began just a couple miles outside poor Cisco diverting major traffic and sending the modest settlement to its grave.

Cisco post office.

50's Frigidaire baking in the sun.

Outside of Cisco was this sign pointing to Moab. The stickers somehow relieved the eeriness of desert solitude.
While following the Colorado River, stumbling upon this guy was my initiation unto the classic American rock monuments of the West. I could have stood in admiration of this spot for hours.

Moab signage by A.G.. All others by M.C.

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  1. Great stuff Matt. Colorado is a better place after your visit, I can tell. It is in the air.