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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Not So Wild West: Part One.

1998 was the last time I set foot in both Colorado and Utah. On Aug. 15th, my young lady and I hopped on a plane and headed out West--It was 12 years over due.
In Florida, the yew bush was just something I pulled the light blue seeds off of. It was my weapon of choice in mock military raids on neighbors/friends houses. On seeing the western Pinyon-Juniper for the first time, I thought it was just a giant, overgrown Yew. Not the case. Much more appealing to the eyes alive (background) and even dead as seen here (foreground).
Colorado National Monument--I was amazed at how few people were here visiting. The infamous Balanced Rock is scheduled to exit the canyon side in the near future: Maybe a reason you should visit ASAP.
Paonia, Colorado. We visited extended family that raise two types of unconventional live stock. A. The Alpaca. Shown here against the back drop of the West Elk Mountains. My significant other got a little too close to this young female's offspring--We witnessed, first hand, an Alpaca "stink eye."
And B. The "tamed" Elk. This large buck was quite docile. After learning his name ("Clover"), we are able to give him a couple good pats and a couple light antler yanks. Fortunately, Clover is kept as a pet--12 years old a counting. We were informed that if one of the family's animals has a name, it remains a pet. I was relieved to find out that Clover will never become a menu item.

All Photos by M.C.

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